Hot Tub Salvage Near Me Hot Tub Recycling Langley British Columbia

We are proud members of the Recycling Council of BC (

We work with the Province of BC, Metro Vancouver, Wastech and Return-It

to reduce waste and encourage recycling.

What do we do when we salvage a hot tub?

-Disconnect the wiring,  remove the GFCI breaker, cap the cables.

-Remove the hot tub from the back yard with customized equipment

-Gather/sanitize any biohazardous waste (dead rodents, rotting matter)

-Clean/tidy any mess made by the project

-Transport the hot tub to our facilities

-Dismantle,  chop it into smaller bits

-Sort the various materials

-Re-use and recycle what we can 

-Dispose of the rest in an environmentally sensitive manner

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Hot tub moving can be dangerous and dirty work. Let the professionals handle it for you