Common Questions about value and cost:


1. Would you buy my hot tub or sell it on consignment?

We buy and sell good hot tubs through our sister company Hot Tubs Galore but 

we only buy models we can confidently resell with a 2-year parts & labour warranty

Here are some factors that would determine if it's worth acquiring:

a) age, condition, aesthetic appeal (this is only a small part of the deciding factor)

b) overall quality (engineering, workmanship, factory standards)

c) track record for this particular model (reliability, performance & longevity)

d) cost/ease of repairs (some models are way harder to work on than others)

e) parts availability (anything proprietary or obsolete?)

2. Can I trade in my hot tub for a new one?

Most likely, yes.  

Of course we'd need to know more about it to know what it's worth to us in trade.

Contact us to discuss this further.

3. Would you remove my hot tub for free?

If your hot tub is not good enough to buy it might still have some value to us.

Whether or not we will take it for free depends on several factors including:

a) its fragility (what are the chances of  plumbing/skirting damage if moved?)

b) equipment salvage value (pumps, motors, jets,  electronics,  cushions, parts, etc.)

c) the difficulty of access (from the pad to the truck)

4. What does it cost to remove a "scrapper"?

Here's what goes into our quote:

a) retrieval fee (the same amount we'd charge to deliver that tub)

b) dismantling fee (chop up and sort the various materials)

c) disposal/recycling fee ( transfer station & recycling depot trips)

d) electrical deactivation fee (not applicable if it's already disconnected)

The exact amount depends on several factors including:

a) address/location of hot tub

b) ease of access from where it sits to where we'd park the truck

c) hot tub style, size, weight, structural condition 

d) amount of rot, rodent/insect infestation (wasps, termites, rats, etc.)

e) what can be re-used, salvaged or recycled

5. Can I drop my old hot tub off at your facilities?

Yes you can.  Whether we buy it, take it for free or charge you for it (as per above), 

your bringing it to us will save us time and save you money.

-put it on dunnage so we can forklift it off your truck/trailer when you arrive.

-please note we operate by appointment only - no spontaneous drop offs please


phone or text 604 787-4441